Commercial Asbestos Identification and Reporting

Downloadable Resources

How to Manage and Control Asbestos in the Workplace

This code is based on a national model code of practice developed by Safe Work Australia and approved by the Workplace Relations Ministers’ Council on 10 August 2011 as part of the harmonisation of work health and safety laws.

Asbestos Guide for Property Managers

If any of the properties you manage were built before 1990, it is likely that they will contain asbestos. This information will help you to take the right steps when a rental property needs repair or renovation work.

Dear Dad – An asbestos awareness film

Asbestos Awareness Ambassador Trevor Gillmeister shares a heartfelt letter to his dad Ron, who lost his battle with mesothelioma (an asbestos-related disease) in 2009. He now continues his dad’s fight to warn others about the dangers of asbestos… ‘as tough as you think you are, asbestos is always tougher’.

Don‘t take the risk

If you have concerns, contact Asbestos Surveys CQ Pty Ltd for advice and information relating to your situation.